Wire & Curly Coats

(Large & Extra Large)

Wire and Curly Coats Large Dogs

Splendorous Newfies,
Magnificent Rotties

  • Haircut or trim as required per breed
  • Professional carding to reduce shedding
  • Sanitary trim, Ear Cleaning with natural aloe vera
  • Pawdicure: Pads cleaned, nails trimmed and filed. Nail paint as requested
  • Natural bath. If your breed does not require one every month, we can do natural treatments for soft pads, moisturizing coat, and skin instead at your request

We Know What It Its Like To Not Know
What Goes On While Your Pup Is Groomed...

We are pet owners and we share the same worries,
that's why we offer a different and unique service!

Absolutely Not
Nope. Not here - Only Individual Sessions!
No! No Waiting. It's Like Going To The Hair Salon!
No! We Operate By Appointment
No! You are Welcome To Stay
No! We File Them Instead. It is much safer!
Only Organic Shampoo With Herbal, Non Chemical Ingredients!
We Partner With Engaged Pet Parents.
We expect you to want to at least comfort your pet once the first time you visit us. Once you know us, you decide
We groom all dogs, big, small, pups, senior, with disabilities and reduced mobility.
We work with all dogs, fearful too.
We must see your dog, every situation is different.
A dog groomed twice a year costs more than one on regular 6 to 8 week schedule.
  • We are not a factory line groom type shop.
    We care about dogs and look forward to a long term relationship with our furry customers and owners.

    Ask for us by name.

    And bring the favorite treats for your pup if you'd like!