Learn About Our Unique Cage-Free, FEAR-FREE Pampering Services

Our Services


One on one grooming services.
We only serve one dog at a time...
We focus on your dog only, providing the needed attention,
And Never Cage!

Bathing & Treatments

We stay away from overly chemical mixtures that can damage coats, irritate eyes and skin. We prefer things the natural way. We only use organic shampoos, neutral conditioners, oils and fragrances.


Are you tired of vacuuming twice a day? and you already figured the shavedown method does not solve it? We believe thorough carding fosters healthy, shiny coats. We offer carding sessions at your request to minimize shedding and ensuring your dog keeps his beautiful healthy coat throughout the years.


Proper nail length is essential for your dog's health and it must be done regularly. We only use specialized cutters and grinders that ensure your dog has stress-free nail services! We do nail painting with fun colors at your request.


Some breeds need the special technique of handstripping to stay in top condition. We offer this service, please consult us about it!

Dog Walking

Does your puppy need to get out for a little more exercise? Are you at work all day and can't let him out? to Is he chewing on things? We have two walk routes in Woodbridge everyday. We can help!

and More...

We can tailor your grooming experience to your needs and without commitments. You can choose from all of our services: Handstripping, free scissoring Asian Fusion cuts, puppy cut, shavedown, carding sessions to reduce shedding, nails trims, organic baths and natural treatments of your choice.

Late Fees
We do not crate animals! So to ensure pet safety in this holistic and peaceful envirnment, each appointment must be carefully reserved. It is therefore important our furry clients be punctual in arrival and departure
In the rare case you find yourself delayed in reuniting with your now spectacular looking furry friend, there is $10 boarding fee for each 15 minutes of daycare needed. This fee is added to the final bill.

Cancellations or Rescheduling
Our appointments are individual and tailored to each client. We request that no cancellations or rescheduling less than 48 hours from the appointment date/time
We also offer a Pet Taxi service with-in most of the Woodbridge area and accommodate as many needs as we can.
Should a cancellation or rescheduling occur less than 48 hours, a fee of 50% of the grooming cost is assessed.